Storm Damage

What is storm damage?

Extreme weather often weakens your roof, leaving your house susceptible to mold and other interior damage.

What types of storm damage exist?

Wind Damage

Wind damage

Strong wind gusts can blow shingles, causing them to crease, crack, or come off the roof. Damage can occur at wind speeds as low as 30 mph. If the shingles pull away, the roof decking will be exposed to the elements. This could result in leaks or other interior damage.

Hail Damage

Hail damage

Hail storms cause millions of dollars worth of property damages each year. When hail hits shingles, it removes the top layer of granules, leaving small circular marks on the shingle. These marks can cause leaks and other costly damage such as drywall rot or upper roof decking damage. The damage might not occur until months after the storm.

What does storm damage look like?

Storm damage can be in the form of missing or broken shingles or in the form of small circular marks on the shingles from hail. There are also interior signs of storm damage. Water spots on ceilings and walls and leakage are signs of storm damage.

Some storm damage is not identifiable to the homeowner. It is important to have a professional inspection.

What do I do about storm damage?

We have good news! Most homeowner's insurance covers storm damage. We can examine your home and let you know if you qualify for coverage. If you qualify, we will work with your insurance company to make a claim and get you a new roof.

If you think you have storm damage or would like an inspection, contact us. We will inspect your roof for free and let you know if you qualify.